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  • Is “what do you need?” really the best question to ask?

    In addressing poverty, most people start with the question “what do you need?”. In When Helping Hurts, Corbett and Fikkert propose what I think is a better question: what do you already have? It’s a slower question. It’s a question that takes more time. It’s a question that requires really thoughtful backers. In When Helping […]

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  • Fair Trade Part 3: Why Fair Trade?

    Over the last two days, I’ve discussed here and here some of the structural economic challenges in the developing world. Today, I want to talk about why I think that Fair Trade is a helpful solution in dealing with poverty in the developing world. This post only makes sense in the context of the previous […]

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  • Generation Grit Kickstarter

    This morning, I’m taking off my poverty/fair trade hat for a bit to tell you about a project that my dear friend Laura Hale is launching on Kickstarter. Laura has worked with a group of world-class authors, illustrators and toy designers to create Generation Grit. Generation Grit is bringing their first character and book to […]

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  • Fair Trade Part 2: Free Trade Zones and Sweat Shops

    This is the second part of a discussion on economic challenges in the developing world- and some hopeful alternatives. I wrote about Structural Adjustment Programs yesterday. Click here if you want to read that post. ______________________ Free Trade Zones and sweat shop labor are two other challenges in developing countries. Free Trade Zones are meant […]

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